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If you join us, you will learn through fun methods online.

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We offer you TOEFL / IELTS / Grammar / Writing / Vocabulary Exercises to help you improve your English.

Dabet Forum
Dabet Forum uses the latest techniques and methods to help students speak English easily and fluently. Your style of writing is our concern. We teach you how to write easily and smoothly. We teach you how to communicate with people using everyday English; through real life situations.

Teachers & Students
We e-communicate with our students via our website. We do some sort of an e-follow up. We send them e-assignments and we e-assess them. Also, we e-guide, encourage, motivate and congratulate our students on their achievements.


Our Goals
Our main goal is to improve students' English vis-a-vis Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

To create a new teaching technique or style to make your English perfect.

Dabet Online School

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Dabet Online School is an educational get-together.
We teach you while you are at home.
Male/Female e-teachers teach you English online.
Everybody benefits a lot from Dabet Online School.